Different factors that determine the cost of driving classes Kamloops


Driving classes Kamloops teach the rules and regulations of the road interactively. You need to sign up for driving classes to learn to drive properly. You will get a driving license once you are done with your driving classes.

The cost of driving classes will depend on the number of hours the training takes place. Additionally, driving packages are offered which include behind-the-wheel training and classroom instruction.

Here are some of the factors that determine the cost of your driving classes in Kamloops.

Classroom instruction

This particular training might differ from one school to the other. It includes presenting educational films to the students so that they can watch and learn the rules properly.

Behind the wheel classes

Typically, these driving classes Kamloops have 1 or 2-hour sessions which you can go to on several days or weeks. The majority of these classes tutor and instruct you on how to drive your car with automatic transmission.


The materials provided include trial driving test materials, motor vehicle driving manual and books. You might also get hold of lesson plans and curriculum readings to help you pass written exams and prepare yourself before you embark on your driving journey.

Supplemental resources

The driving schools might also offer driving instruction materials from different companies in the form of DVDs. Some of the car insurance companies offer informational brochures and guidelines about safe driving.

The team of instructors at Prince George Driving School has more than 70 years of combined driving experience. They offer one on one training sessions.

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